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If AGI advances as much as people say, it will be our last invention because it will kill us.

The trouble with predicting tech is that it plateaus and then surges forward dramatically. Again tech has been refining, not revolutionizing for 75 years after WWII ushered in the Jet Age.

Smartphones exploded in capability and popularity and are now entering the same phase. Same with the Internet.

Looking back, until about 200 years ago life was fundamentally similar to the way it has been lived for thousands of years; heating with fire, riding horses, building things by hand. The railroad was still in its infancy, as was the Steam Age.

200 years from now it's anyone's guess but I will say this; either we put the warmongers on a leash or they will kill us all and the only thing left on Earth in 200 years will be rats and cockroaches.


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There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever of your assertion that "Putin" will screw with the space program and in fact there is plenty of evidence to support the opposite conclusion.

If anyone has threatened the space program over deteriorating relations earthside, it's been the Americans. This is yet more bullshit projection of American sins onto the Russians.


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I cheat and buy the wrappers... And then I cheat again and sucker my dinner guests into making them lol! I make the filling and the dipping sauces and pan fry them 15-20 of them at a time and everyone attacks and devours them the moment they hit the table!


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Humans have absolutely no idea what "forever" feels like.

The human body is frail and does not have the capability to see much of what's out in space- no surprise, since we evolved to live on Earth. Without instruments, you'll see a fair bit but you won't get nearly as much out of the sharp points of light from stars and faint smudges of nebulae as you would with, say, a telescope.


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The desire to detect near earth and potentially threatening objects has been a recurring theme in proposals for detection equipment, budgets and observation time for at least several decades. It might not be the headline reason, but it often makes the list. NASA has also built up an extensive library of such discussions over the years. I hope that makes you feel better.