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where were you taught this? to remove the heat you want to suck it out of there, not keep it in; and you want to draw in cool air at the same time, so you get a circular flow of cool in from the bottom, and warm out at the top, also heat rises so it's a natural flow assisted by the exhaust fans; dust will be blown in by the fans in your scheme, much more than any drawn in 'at the seams', which won't happen since air will be drawn in the holes drilled at the bottom.

if dust is a concern put some thin cloth over the intake holes and remember to vacuum them occasionally


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put your fans at the top but as exhaust fans, i.e. they are sucking the hot air out of the cabinet. Mount with bolts and nuts with locking washers.

make some holes at the bottom of the rear panel, to draw in the cool air when the fans are running

as to how to cut, drill a hole then use a fine toothed jigsaw


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the reason he started making these suits was because he was mauled by a bear.

Troy Hurtibese, R.I.P. I have seen a doc or two about him and don't recall seeing any bear cage matches

they did a lot of crazy high speed/high force crash and smash tests though, with him inside the suit