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We have a family friend who was at Woodstock. His brother had picked up a copy of a magazine that had a 50th anniversary retrospective of Woodstock and in one crowd shot actually found his brother /our friend. Shirtless with a head garland/crown of flowers.


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You are absolutely correct. I visit VF often, go for long hikes by myself or with friends or with my dog. I'm talking about promoting it as a tourist destination. It's just not. There's literally nothing to do but walk around and look at a few monuments.


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If it's an exterior wall it could be frozen based on your geography. Had to run a space heater in our powderoom overnight in Xmas Eve to thaw it (Eastern PA/high of 7). Woke up to a full tank.


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You can get a Philadelphia identification, not a state ID or driver's license, in the city hall first floor Northeast corridor. Come into the courtyard from the Macy's side and turn right at the first hallway. Last door on your left. I don't know the fees or documents they require but it might be a good jumping off point if you are downtown with any regularity.