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Maybe this is more of a literary question, but who wrote that history of mankind is in repeating cycles, and the cycle begins with slavery and ends with slavery? I seem to think Marx or Hegel but I can't dig it up. edit: maybe I'm thinking of Alexander Fraser Tytler?


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Castro was supposed to be assassinated, there are ample quotes and statements supporting this, but he was not. And the Bay of Pigs is a swamp with only one road out. And the Cuban Expeditionary Force landed in the middle of the night, with tanks and heavy equipment. And, JFK kept changing the plan basically on a daily basis. On D-Day, he made himself unavailable on purpose, as did Allen Dulles the CIA director.

Did they really want this to succeed?


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I am looking for a book about connections between the U.S. organized crime and above-ground politics - in particular the Democrat party, and prior to WW2. (Yes very specific).

I am wondering if FDR and the Democrats had any "help" staying in power at the federal level, for 20 years. They had well-oiled political machines and FDR played the nation like a fine violin, but still.


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Pick your seat in advance depending on what's important to you.

Try to fly first class if you can swing it with your new job. Or at least better than economy.

Take your own bottle of water onto the plane. You have to buy it at the gate though. You still can probably take a lunch pack with food.

Bring or buy a book. Most people (me too) don't have much time to read.

Travel very light. Less bags and things to haul all around.

Wear comfy clothes, like a cotton tracksuit. Do bring a hoodie, airplanes can be cold.