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seattle haha, it’s a shitshow.

put an airtag in the seat of my motorcycle, and it got stolen a few months later, chased the guy around riding it for a while and got it back the same morning.

same thing with my car, but with a set of airpods that now have an airtag built in to them. cops got it back about an hour after it was stolen


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people fail to realize that apple doesn’t own the vast majority of these factories. third party assembly contractors often lie about working conditions, and apple generally has been pretty good about switching companies when issues have been discovered.

and i’m not talking about the issues mentioned in this article, that’s just how working in a high-yield factory generally is. i’m talking about slavery and child labor, or unsafe conditions


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it’s pretty much designed to not contribute at all to space junk. i don’t get this argument at all, the benefit of a system like starlink already is way outweighing the downsides for astronomy, given that we’ve already seen just about everything there is to see from earth


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well, that’s a helpful attitude guaranteed to drive change.

if these methods become way cheaper, companies will be forced to change to them, or new companies will pop up to use the opportunity, leaving them behind. capitalism absolutely breeds innovation. monopolies do not.