turndownforwomp t1_jeesu6a wrote

It’s pretty telling that you keep responding but can’t defend yourself against the points I’ve made.

Obviously this is a softball argument because, i have said, the words do have established meanings the majority of us agree on and you trying to calming otherwise is a joke but it’s still fun


turndownforwomp t1_jeer88w wrote

You’re an ideologue because your desire to dismiss all of these words clearly comes from political and social positions that incline you to dismiss any and all uses of those words. They’re not meaningless, you just want to claim that so you never have to respond to anyone pointing out that something may be racist or bigoted. “Those words don’t really mean anything” is a cop out from someone who hasn’t touched grass in a while


turndownforwomp t1_jeeqh29 wrote

No; the vast majority of people understand that “racism” means “racial prejudice”. What you’re claiming is simply factually incorrect, the word is used clearly, properly, and effectively all the time. Leave your internet echo chamber and talk to normal people for a little while, you’ll realize your claim is nonsense.