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I’m no expert (just an amateur astronomer) but it’s likely because

A) you firstly can only see either Magellanic Cloud in the southern hemisphere. There they can be seen with the naked eye

B) they are significantly smaller than the Milky Way, and are obscured by all the stars between us and them

They still are visible though and are beautiful. If you look up night sky photos from the southern hemisphere you’ll clearly be able to see them. It’s a personal bucket list item of mine to see them some day


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Idk why, but this picture makes me feel lonely. It doesn’t really matter for us, but I’m also glad that we happened to be born on a planet inside a bustling large galaxy rather than in a small remote galaxy, far flung star cluster or orbiting a lonely point of light in the void


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Yep, 1 pound of beef uses an astronomical amount of water, 1850 gallons per pound! (Source: https://www.denverwater.org/tap/whats-beef-water)

Even if most people refused to go vegetarian, replacing the majority of beef and pork in their diet with chicken would significantly reduce the amount of water usage in agriculture.


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Do you have any sources on what you wrote eabout people having different #s of ACE proteins? Just out of curiosity. I didn't know that people had dramatically different numbers of ACE proteins