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This is a really fascinating response! Thank you!

  1. To your first point, I am not a Westerner, but I do not share your skepticism regarding the prospects of the West and the world as a whole, at least in terms of timeline. I think it will take longer, but as you said, a decline will happen. I also think it is on the worldwide scale, not just for the West. It's very interesting to me that this line of thinking led you to become not a hedonist, but a philosopher.
  2. As a bit of an anime fan, I find it interesting that Naruto and its characters had such an influence on your thinking and choice of career. Naruto in and of itself does pose some interesting philosophical questions, especially if you consider what happened to Pain and his village. Out of interest, what do you think about the philosophy of One Piece (if you happen to follow that story as well).