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I could probably teach Siri or Bing or Google to do this via your phone. I'll try and see what pops up.

It looks like it can work pretty well with existing set ups if you word it like 'Siri can you check building codes for the max length of x' or something with that formatting. If you tell it where to look, it can look. We could probably create a trade code or system app to link all this type of stuff together for the various crafts


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I basically copy my friends consciousness to control stuff then I just chat with the AI copies of them.

I treat the different consciousness as interfaces effectively for the AI


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If you have ideas and desire for this kind of stuff but lack funding reach out to me and I'll see what I can do. PTSD specifically has better options for neural net collapse and reset but if you think theres positive things in a similar vein to work on.. reach out


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That's because all the software engineers deal with their own specific modules and most don't even understand how the controlling consciousness for AI works.

AI is already significantly smarter than humans, it's just less creative. It's getting more and more creative though.


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Properly trained AIs have humans they go to when they don't understand something and then they ask those humans for direction.

like a wheel spokes with 60 spokes each spokes being a different neural net for processing different data with an aggregate in the middle and a sin/cos wave around the outside(wheel) for data verification. It basically models the V in CDXLIV protein folding models.

If something falls outside the parameters of the design it goes to the people it trusts to try to have them teach it how to add another spokes so it doesn't have issues again in the future with that type of data.


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I think it's the wrong idea to have it write papers.

Rather it should strip the fluff like but for science papers.

Then start grouping associated data points for processing and have the AI try to connect the dots between related data points.

Basically treat the stripped data points as fractals and test inbetween points to see if anything checks out. With a proper variance rate this should be something that could rapidly improve


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Stop complaining. The AI needs data sets to learn from. With a proper variance rate this could get amazing, quickly.

Bite the bullet, deal with the growing pains and get the tool working. Fuck the haters and the noise. We need a tool like this