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Funny how this recent empathy for opiate users came about only when white suburbanites started dying. Prior to that it was seen as an inner city problem and users were worthless scum of the earth. I think what you are observing is the old attitudes being held over in our new more compassionate approach.


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Doesn't the camera provide some sort of feedback that it is currently recording? An indicator in the viewfinder or a red light somewhere? Anything?

If not, I blame the camera manufacturer more than you. People are imperfect and make mistakes. Equipment should anticipate this.


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I’m very sorry I came off like that. That was not my intention. I was trying the state that I recognize how difficult it can be and I understand how lucky we were. We were preparing for a multi year effort and even began early to try to have a better chance with the challenges we were expecting. My wife used those ovulation dipsticks and we scheduled specific days of the month for quality time. We even had a referral to a fertility specialist ready for when that time came.

I am very sorry for what you had to go through. I honestly wish you well.