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There are tolerances/thicknesses which determine whether rotors and pads need to be replaced. Any mechanic who makes a blanket statement one way or the other (i.e. “rotors always need to be replaced with pads”) is to be regarded with suspicion.


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The taco truck that’s been at the Lowe’s on Broad, Taqueria Morelos, is my new favorite taco. They make tortillas to order (!!!), they have desebrada/tinga/crispy carnitas, a serious arbol salsa… pretty great taco experiences.


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Lol at Bernie still kicking it around Cap Ale. She was one of the inaugural crew w me way back in 2002 or so when they first opened downtown. I should’ve known when I showed up for training and it was actually “help us paint the whole restaurant for minimum wage and hot dogs” to just keep walking. Matt was such a tool.


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You presume to know what people’s dietary habits are just because they think you’re a bossy, pompous ass. All this acting like you’re better than everybody else and you were eating flesh less than a year ago. Fuckin clown.


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I worked on the Armstrong project over the course of two years. Not great build quality in general (but what is these days) and the general neighborhood is about as nice as one might expect from the proximity to Creighton. $1800/month townhomes across the street from an empty lot where homebums have garbage fires.