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Man, after all of that we sort of agree. Haha. What we’re currently doing with it is dumb. But the technology (hell yeah there’s value in the blockchain! :)) underneath the mess and failings of human nature is, to me, cryptocurrency. It’s an innovation, and if the current global economic problems continue on their current trajectory, it may be a revolution. I know that sounds kind of cheesy, but to me, why not throw 5% of my paycheck at it? It’s cool to watch the space grow. capitalist markets weed out the scammers pretty quickly, and if they don’t, the government intervenes.

It is good to learn where the oppositions come from. You’re right. This is why I’m on Reddit, these discussions. I appreciate your contributions to this one!


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It’s necessary because it’s closer to actually becoming a stable way to trade value than the current fiat system, in that it is non-inflationary (how you can’t hear those alarm bells of inflation ringing is beyond me), sometimes deflationary, and decentralized, meaning the tool (the currency) works so efficiently that it needs no central bank or federal reserve.

The project you found sounds really fucking cool when reading the words you wrote about it, but I could see how there would be a confusion between what service you were getting in exchange for what value you were generating or providing. Also, I can see it getting really greedy from non artists preying on artists. That tends to happen no matter what currency you exchange. Lol.


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I had the feeling because you seemed so angry, not because I have a feeling my comment in a Reddit thread is going to spur some fucking price action in a cryptobro rug pull.

This is money you’re talking about. There are people who will take advantage of you whether it’s the current system, or in the waves of a disruption in that system. Anywhere, any time, in any way.

Crypto actually solves that problem eventually, but centralized exchanges have propped crypto up like a crutch to adoption pains.

Jpegs? You really want to start that conversation? Haha. You need to zoom out, friend. These are technologies. Tools people will use to interact, keep records, make agreements, transact, etc.

A problem with “actual human beings backing it (with) trust” occurs when 30% of the currency is printed within a year. It gets pretty difficult to divide trust, if you will. You’re angry about people setting up scams in uncertain times, be angry at crypto if you want I guess. I spent way too much time on this conversation I think


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You can use the crypto market to gamble, sure. And in the same light, the New York stock exchange is the same type of casino. But there are real projects trying to disrupt the entire infrastructure of finance, and coming up with some incredible answers to difficult problems. I support advancement, so I buy some of these coins and tokens because I believe in what they’re doing.


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You really don’t give a shit about families that will wake up on Christmas morning with nothing? All because they were chasing the American dream, a system that allowed such a fucking disaster to happen in the first place?

Designed to allow for circumvention of all the existing rules of finance is a stretch. Often, it is designed to disrupt the entire way we exchange value, so it’s disingenuous to phrase it that way.

The market is incredibly volatile, yes… is that your definition of gambling? Probably. Is that the definition of gambling? No.

I have a feeling you got burned, or missed the boat.