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30 years ago no one even remotely thought about this type of thing no one had anxiety over it because no one thought about this. Every once in a while you might have thou, “gee I wonder what would happen if a meteor hit earth?” Then as quickly as you thought about it you’d forget about it . You would just go in living your life. I’m convinced with the advancement of technology,internet, and all the tv shows & information about space is the cause. Sometimes what you don’t know won’t hurt you.


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So actually after I jus read this. Other tenants could very possibly drawing off the same breaker. I believe a air fryer use 12-15 at the most? An one laptop is .08? Now I could be wrong here. If I’m correct that’s not a lot. Probably is a shared breaker. This sounds like a disaster waiting. I hope not. I’m not big on electricity. In fact I hate having to do anything other than plug something in.


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Ok as someone who does a ton of maintenance for property management company’s in Fla . Every single tenant complains to me how the owner doesn’t do nothing. One thing the owners are on top of for the most part is the plumbing because that is a real health issue. These homes are no where’s near as old as a Victorian you are in. The electric is no game. The fact your tripping breakers with only3-4 things running? Is a huge no-no. Old house, dryer than dry in the walls. Please, please if you don’t have get smoke detectors please!! Get some,& have plan. Then have a back up plan. Think ahead!! Call everyone including code enforcement this isn’t safe. I have done a ton of work in some of those older homes in new haven and around. A lot of them are like tinder. With hold your rent then he will have to fix these things. It costs a shit ton of money & leg work to evict.


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Do you happen to know what route was his? That’s really neat . The story in my family is my grandfather owned an Indian motorcycle and I wish I knew more . Something about a wreck with a trolly. He was ok and I believe it was one of his legs was effected somehow. Needless to say motorcycles were a big NO ,NO as well as anything on Two wheels. My grandfather died B4 I was born & no one really talked about him I guess he was on the shady side.


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Waaay better time I think. One can always find pros & cons with then vs now. Just seems like it was more tranquil bck then. I think it would be really cool if they brought the trolleys back. But I’m sure there’s a bucket full of cons that go with bringing trolleys bck.


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“New haven is amazing “ The city is great and has been for the past 100 years! Great food , great people! If your interested in history you will love New Haven! So much of everything came, started or ended with new haven it’s a wonder what the United States would had done without this city!!!