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Just more proof that America is run by fascist shitheads and uneducated knobs.

My dream is to bring "the Banned bookstore" to Utah and other states where we will feature all the "banned" books and all the reading materials that these uneducated shitheads find so offensive.

My partners and I will make them available to all ages, and to all open minded, good people. Bigots will not be allowed. And no religious idiots either.

In a way, we'll be doing our own sort of banning - banning ignorance, banning the perverse molestation of kids by putting their brains into cement braces.

I stand up against fascism. And will never salute the behavior of nazis.


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With their reading choices now being restricted to pretty either the Bible or the Gun Lover's Almanac, I can kind of see how they're falling out of love with it.

But according to the rightwingers, kids don't have brains anyway and therefore don't need to use them, or comprehend how the real world works.

More child abuse is being committed in the name of book banning than by all the Catholic priests combined.


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Wow, it's amazing to see that our LGBTQ community is so strong, and we have this much power to frighten and scare small minds into acts of radical self-immolation.

Perhaps we were always meant to be galvazined into a fighting force, and now that we're getting better armed and better trained, I think we can overrun anyone in our way.


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My love of reading was sparked by my Dad, who used to pick up anything nearby and read it to us at bedtime. Comic books, newspapers, shakespeare, the bible, pieces of mail, anything.

And that's really how I became a lover of reading and an educated man. To me it's quite obvious why libraries and books of all kinds are necessary and important. And I have hard time understanding how anyone could be OK with any sort of a ban on books.

I'm more than just concerned about book bans, I'm sickened and disgusted by them. I've seem videos of the parents who are trying to ban books and I'm horrified at the lack of intelligence and the bigotry on open display. These parents are unhappy with their lives, and it's obvious they want everyone else to be also.

No society of any worth would ever ban a book of any kind for any reason. And yet somehow one of the most violent and sexually explicit and gory books, The Bible, never gets brought up for discussion for removal.

Which proves to me that all this book banning is just knee-jerk reactionism toward progressive and scientific reasoning. If the Bible isn't excluded, then it proves that these are just acts of smallness and bigotry on the parts of those promoting such bans.


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I learned to be a reader from my dad. He used to grab anything handy and read it us as kids - newspapers, magazines, poetry books, the bible, shakespeare plays, comic books, anything.

What I learned and is most fundamental to my reading pleasure is - it doesn't matter WHAT you read, so long as you read.

By being a consistent reader, your vocabulary will increase greatly, your comprehension will grow by leaps and bounds, and your ability to write will improve.

I credit my love of reading for helping me get several short stories published, and even in college my writing professors were impressed, commenting that they looked forward to reading my papers no matter what I wrote about.

So - just do it. Even if it means picking up a graphic novel or a comic, and starting there. Hell I still read horror comics for fun, and I'm 63 now, and I never want to stop.


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The only books I would ever burn are the filthy ones that promote hatred and bigoted violence. They include the bible, the quoran, and all other so-called "holy" texts of all kinds.

Those two dirty fucks Jordan Tiny Peter son and Fucker Carlson, I'd not only burn their goddamn books, I'd burn them as well, savoring every moment of pouring kerosene on their ugly heads and lighting the match and watching their inhuman hides peel off and their bug eyes pop.

To hell with niceness anymore. I'm glad that leftists are radically arming themselves and all too happy to see the right wingers flailing, falling, and dying.

To a new world of gods and monsters, and let's become the monsters that those asswipes really fear the most.


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I'd have to agree with wanton animal abuse, most animals are too big to fit into a wanton wrapper anyway, so don't force them! : ? uh, whut?

Actually I tried reading Aron Beauregard's novel "the Slob," but had to quit about halfway through. I can stomach most anything, but really it just goes too far into gruesome bloody gore and forced self-cannibalism.

I don't really enjoy torture or gore as forms of entertainment. I do consider myself a bonafide horror afficionado (I mean I've read everything Poe and Lovecraft have ever written, including some stories of H.P. that haven't been in print for ages).

And nearly 100% of my reading and movie watching is horror related. So, just because it's part of the genre, unfortunately there's a lot of denigrating torture and gore but that isn't at all interesting to me. It can make you sick (anyone actually make it through "the Slob"??) but that isn't entertainment to me. And not something I'd ever seek out.

And it isn't really lasting, the way something that creeps up on you and grabs your spine can be (Umm not for a snack, that is). Give me atmospheric terror (a little gore is OK - I love "the Thing," and it wouldn't work without it).


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I've seen some of the scenes from the movie and I recoiled in dismay. As a gay person myself I was both put off and shocked that it is so stereotypical and so cliche and trite.

Real gay men do not act or talk or behave like this. Oh sure they do in mediocre comedies, but not in real life (at least I sure as hell hope they don't, and I wouldn't want to be around them if they did).

Of course just showing real gay men being normal would be very boring, I get that - but it is possible to show guys being into other guys without turning them into circusy one-liner-spewing caricatures. Anyone remember the fun little movie, Trick? It succeeded at doing this beautifully.

Nothing about the movie Bros strikes me as being great enough or across-all-generations conventional enough to be worthy of academy consideration.


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Yes. I found the "director's" or "restored" version of Apocalypse Now to be totally unwatchable. When I first saw the movie in theaters, I loved it (even though I hated it) and I found it a very powerful, disturbing movie.

But adding in all the cut footage only goes to show why that footage NEEDED to be edited out in the first place. It's instructive to see why those scenes were left out, and I feel that there's nothing to be gained by putting them back in.

When I saw the "restored" version of Alien, I hated the footage that was added back in. All it did was water down the narrative and make the film unnecessarily sloggy and and long.

There's a reason editors snip scenes from movies, even if the scenes are well shot or expensive.

When I was in film school (in the 80s) we learned the ratio is 6 to 1; you end up with 1 finished reel of film for ever 6 reels you shoot. That MUCH film is ultimately left on the cutting room floor, which makes movie making an extremely expensive undertaking.

But now things are shot digitally, so I'm not sure how all that works. At least there isn't as much celluloid getting tossed into landfills.


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It is really odd dialogue, I think it's meant to show what a colorful, "ethnic" character he is. '

I read the book when I was about 18, and found it incredibly long, boring, and non-scary. Of course by then I'd seen tons of horror movies and probably was more than a bit jaded.

I felt the same way reading "Frankenstein." I suppose it was shocking for its time, and maybe Hollywood has jaded my view of what monster are, but I was SO BORED.

Kudos to you, though, for having the gumption to give the audiobook a go. I hope you stick with it, despite the weird dialogue.


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The one book that I'd want to share with anybody, and everybody, is James Hilton's marvelous novel, "Lost Horizon." It's been made into a movie and a movie musical as well, and I happen to like both movie versions despite some people dissing the musical as too "plastic" and shallow.

But Hilton's themes of pacifism and peaceful co-existence really speak to me now more than ever, finding that longed for "shangri-La" where people never grow old and spend their days learning and exploring - I think it's a dream we all have inside of us. Well, most of us anyway.

To me it's the epitome of the idyllic society. It's a dream that deserves to be kept alive.