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So originally I drew the concept of the head puking into the babies. I drew the babies with a humanish head and the rest of the body like a baby bird. Then I was thinking how odd it would be if the adult creature puking would still have a similar appearance with their wing type limbs and then make the rest of their body snake like.


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I was going to draw another one in the background hanging upside down on a tree but I am running behind on Inktober drawings. I gotta do crabby today and I don’t even have a concept haha.


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Not familiar with that game. Usually with my Inktobers I do a very rough sketch. Sometimes I do 1 - 3 and choose the best. This one only took one concept and I guess what was going through my head was ‘something disturbing’.

I’ve always been fascinated with how mother birds feed their young. There was a nest of hawks in my front yard and so I got a front seat to witness everything. When I did yard work, I’d see all the left over carcasses left near the tree. So yeah I would imagine if there was some 100 foot demon creature thing that could do the same would be pretty frightening.