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The fact that it works when nowhere near another iPhone isn’t useful to me and many other pet owners. It’s just yet another unnecessary subscription that has to be paid for.

That’s not better. That’s worse. It does everything an AirTag would do for me, while costing literally infinitely more. My dog doesn’t need a cell phone. It needs an AirTag.


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> AirTags aren’t pet trackers

They’re literally perfect for pet tracking.

> buy a fi collar

They cost 5x as much, don’t use the Find My network, need to be charged monthly, and requires you to sign up for yet another app.

> this is like complaining that the off-road capabilities of your Toyota Camry are sub-par.

It’s actually more like complaining that the off-road capabilities of your Range Rover are sub-par. They certainly can do it, they’re more than capable, but that’s not really their purpose.


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Those old Nokias and blackberries had CPU’s that are, in all honesty, more comparable to graphing calculator CPU’s than what’s in our current smartphones. They also didn’t generally need to maintain a connection to multiple different types of cellular networks like modern phones do.