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i just tried it

yah, this is a game changer

people gonna need to adapt for AI stuff like this. i typed in a prompt to create something that came out pretty good. that image is unique, i can do whatever i want with it and it's decent quality. absolutely astounding for something i did in playing around with it for 5 minutes.


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so the same thing that msoft used for Windows worked against them in the mobile phone wars

who had all the software? apple and android

if they dont have the apps at the time they were not pretty great. 'pretty great'? at what? like it was great because it worked? because it ran office? at the time to be great, it needed what people wanted. the latest apps, great camera, new models every year


my 2 cents. i love options for consumers so we are just talking about the post-mortem but competition is great


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I think Leo is competent overall but the roles he chooses are great roles that befit his status — but I think some roles with crazy range would make him stand out. For instance the Django and OUATIH movies were less preening and so it was more entertaining for me.

My honest opinion about Leo in general is that when he was young — he had the perfect look. Unique handsome features, long limbs, tall, great hair.

Now he is considerably less handsome than Brad Pitt, who arguably got a little more rugged looking. Leo's current look is he is a dad bod with a kinda large looking head.

I understand that when we go to movies, there is something about us that loves to admire beautiful people as the main protagonist. Leo to me is not quite fulfilling that anymore in my opinion. It's the fantasy we all have to see ourselves as that person when watching.

As an example, RDJ is NOT the most handsome older man ever but he has aged better and his acting method comes off just right with his current age.


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they also demonstrated making laptops that can last more than a decade

my current home computer was purchased in 2011 i believe and i have trouble justifying an upgrade even now

i think what is 1000000% real is there is a tax on their best selling products. mac minis and Airs are decent priced when compared to premium PC options

roast these companies for shit they actually do not the sterotype. it's 2023 people, be smarter about how you perceive the world


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Like if you go to parties, the likelihood is more alcohol and junk

Which might change depending on city vs small town because of the type of parties and food

Just very interesting


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You appear to be someone who might have an opinion on the Theranos case since it delves into marketing, PR, CEO leadership and being a female.

It always seemed to me that in her case, she lied to people who needed help for money essentially (funding). We're talking about people's health in life or death situations. It seems to me if she had no funding, it is better to close the company down rather than have even a single person be affected negatively (or let them know her equipment is experimental). Either that or get mild funding and work on your product until it is worth FDA approval. Do you think my opinion is out of line?


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bring it to market and we will see how expensive it actually is

i just want to say my favorite story about vaporware tech is that we used to talk on forums all the time in the mid 90s about tiny hard drives much like we hear about batteries now

well, eventually a tiny hard drive hit the market and it was made into the first iPod amongst other mp3 players.

that directly led to the iphone. the iphone and etc basically changed the world.

my 2 cents. when it hits, it hits and we take it for granted