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As an achievement/goal enjoying person, I realized that I do not function amazing well with goals. I had a problem of making goals and forgetting them and then trying to binge progress. Instead I use goals as an idea but transform everything into scheduled appointments or daily habits. It isn't a SMART or scheduled goal but I have noticed I have made better progress on what I wanted to do even without an end date or quantity measure

Examples: instead of passing the Japanese N5 test by summer, I make a habit of learning Japanese daily. Or instead of finish 1 project a month I make a habit of doing something creative each day or making sewing dates with friends over the weekends that month. Instead of losing X weight, I have two habits of eating homemade healthy meals while not eating out, and exercising daily.


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Try to find "fun" ways to workout. I do ring fit in my living room, play Pokemon Go with my brother, and walk and chat with my mom (and often dog) during lunch. Are these the best well balanced workouts? No. Does it meet my exercise needs and keep me healthy in general? Yes, it is enough I am happy with it and my doctor is as well. Also, I get to socialize during two of those and see nature often. Win/win.

Other fun things I do sometimes: Free yoga at the library, disc golf with my family, hike with the dog (who is very wimpy to weather), and go to stuff like the botanical garden/zoo.