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I'm gonna recommend a rock artist: Andrew WK.

Andrew is a savant (former piano prodigy) who became famous for making party rock. He had a show on MTV where he went around and helped people. He is a fountain of positivity and actively gives lectures on being the best you can be and dealing with personal problems.

Check out this 2 minute clip of him talking about dealing with his struggles:

His music is uplifting, catchy hard rock.

Andrew WK is a saint with lots of YouTube videos helping people. His music is good even if you don't like the genre.

his music:

"Party Hard"

"She is Beautiful"


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I don't know anything about her but I really dig a few of her songs I heard.

"Doin' Time" the Sublime cover is incredible. I heard that and listened to that album and I like it well enough.

"California" off the same album is a track I really like.

"Dealer" -- I love that song.

FWIW, I could not name a single Beyonce or Taylor Swift song if my life depended on it.


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It had to be quality back then. Studio time was cost prohibitive to not have good quality. These days everything is digital and considerably cheaper. So lots of garbage gets made across all genres of music. Any hack can record and release something for very little cost. There is definitely lots of good new stuff but it gets buried under mountains of half-baked garbage by wannabe artists.


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Here's a curve ball for you: "Death"

About 10 years ago a documentary

detailed how 3 black brothers in Detroit helped pioneer punk rock in the 1970s. Their music was thought lost forever until one of the member's kids found it.... yada yada... it became a documentary and the band called Death was credited with having a huge roll in punk music years before punk music existed.

So you got Black blues > rock n roll (Led Zeppelin, Stones, Beatles)

Then you got band called Death > punk rock.

Pretty big deal.


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The Verve are a 90s English rock band who are best described as shoe gaze. Not the style of rock played on American radio stations. But they had an all time gigantic hit that is still played on radio all the time, "Bittersweet Symphony."

Anywhoo... That song is on the album "Urban Hymns" which is a fantastic (at least 9/10) album with more than a few huge bangers. If you like Blind Melon I think you'd like The Verve's Urban Hymns. Their other albums are more shoegazey.

10/10 songs on Urban Hymns: Bittersweet Symphony, Sonnet, The Drugs Don't Work, Space and Time, Lucky Man, and Velvet Morning.

There are also a few 8/10 songs on the album I did not include.


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Amazing album. A must listen for anyone who likes alternative rock or pop. Their hit song EVERYONE has heard.

"Technicolor lover" and "I hope I didn't just give away the ending" (a crazy cocaine song) are every bit as good as "You Get what you Give."

They were well on their way to being huge. The lead singer/guy behind the band just quit. He hated performing but continued to make music all these years. And they reformed for Joe Biden's inauguration.


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Rock songs:

"Cocaine" - Eric Clapton

"Sister Morphine" - Rolling Stones (cocaine & morphine)

"Doctor Robert" - Beatles (pills)

"Got to Get You into My Life" - Beatles (weed)

"Cocaine Blues" (Live) - Johnny Cash (injecting cocaine)

'Gold Dust Woman' - Fleetwood Mac

"Heroin" - Velvet Underground

Country songs:

"White House Road" - Tyler Childers (cocaine)

"Qualudes Again" -- Bobby Bare

"Drinkin' & Druggin'" -- Bobby Bare