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Yes this should be very obvious. I was a D1 scholarship athlete and there was no way I was telling anyone when I got a concussion in high school after they made it clear what the risks were, including field removal.

I got a neurologist and am on multiple migraine medications in my late 30s.


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Check your B12 consumption and other symptoms like extremeties buzzing or your tongue being slightly swollen/smoothish. Just in case: it could be that you've not been eating quite enough, or conversely, drinking too much alcohol.


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Also happens for babies suffering from the "cry it out" method. No, they don't just give up and go to sleep, they dissociate rather than continue to face the reality nobody is there to keep them safe, and then fall asleep without realizing it. The same way kids do when their parents are arguing.


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Wow, yeah that's super helpful. I could do it when my husband was on it and by myself when my kid was very little. But it felt impossible once our kid needed constant attention and at-hand snacks. I was so tired so much that I started eating fast food for the first time in my life in my mid-30s.


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I personally feel a lot better when I'm eating more potatoes and no rice, only a handful of beans at a time. I did feel my best on keto but it's so difficult to maintain long-term and going back into ketosis once or twice a month so painful. Enjovy was the best migraine treatment for me. My migraine pain is constant rear tension and sensitive touch anywhere on the head.


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It wasn't until DSM V that PTSD was removed from an anxiety disorder, because it's not only that. Our lives suck: our brains were trained on cues in unpredictable homes/situations (most people who get PTSD from a Type I event were primed to get it from their chaotic social environment). So the brains develop or change differently and just go haywire and hopeless over what is usually benign stimuli once we are out of those situations.


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Little-known fact: the half-life of nicotine is only 12 hours so you can quit overnight and your chemical withdrawal will be over.

But if you're using it to manage ADHD or uncomfortable feelings then you'll still need something else. I knew someone at work a long time ago who would straight up go for walks throughout the day.