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That one theory to explain the Fermi paradox, I think it’s called the great filter.

The Fermi paradox basically says since that space is so big, there statistically should be an advanced civilization able to communicate/reach us but none have.

The great filter HYPOTHESIS states that since none have, one possible explanation could be that there is some barrier prevents civilizations from becoming a hyper advanced civilization. It could be anything from climate change to war, but some particular people say it could even be another civilization that stomps out life on other worlds once they hit a certain point in development to prevent them from becoming a threat/too advanced. This is most probably just sci-fi and some conspiracy theory sounding junk but it’s really cool/freaky to think about, because for all we know it could be true.


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So the general idea behind immunotherapy cancer treatments (I believe) is using pathogens, such as viruses to to mark/tag cancerous cells so your immune system knows to target those cells and not healthy ones. Which is kinda like you are describing except we aren’t using the pathogens to directly attack cancer cells. Or something like that


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Reply to Power by Klem132

I’m pretty sure Dyson spheres assume we have the tech to capture 100%of the power being produced but I could be misremembering. Also if we do end up colonizing the solar system, I believe our demand for energy would be too high for fusion reactors alone and Dyson spheres (on paper) would provide the best means to meet that demand.


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This is besides the point but rabies doesn’t really ever get “cured” it’s fatal in 99% of cases (once symptoms begin). However because the rabies virus is dormant for a little bit (has a long latent period), you can get the vaccine after you are bit, and while you are infected. During this dormancy period, before your symptoms start, if you get the vaccine, your immune system will create antibodies to destroy the latent pathogen.

TLDR: your immune system can forget the response if the virus mutates too much since your last vaccine but since you get the vaccine even after the virus begins infection, most of the time you just need to get a shot immediately after getting bitten, kinda like tetanus shots.

Hope this helps a bit