umadbraugh t1_j22flq4 wrote

Here what I think is going to happen because my wife just went through a similar incident. The day my wife punch a neighbor hood butch in the face the cops came to the house. She wasn't home because of a doctor's appointment she was at. It wasn't tell three weeks later the caps come back to arrest her. We ended up hiring a lawyer and gonna play the system like everyone else does. Ask for a jury trial and gonna drag it out. I recommend you do the same. If he presses charges witch I assume he will and hold you responsible for the damage to his car and the other guys he hit or the insurance company is going to come after you. A decent lawyer for this situation is going to cost you atleast 5k+. Depending on your job it might be beneficial to get a good lawyer to get charges dropped or reduced.

Edit: just want to add the season my wife punched the girl in the face is because two days prior to that she didn't like how slow I was going with boat in tow over the speed bumps in our neighborhood. Once we got on the main road she tried to swerve and hit us then proceeded to break check us. Then the day of the incident my wife went to confronte her about her driving in the neighborhood. My wife explained to her about the kids in the neighborhood and ours in the car and she said she didn't give a shit about the kids. At thet time she started to stick her phone in my wife's face. My wife smacked her phone out of her hand and then she put her hands around my wife throat. Thats when my wife double tapped for to get her to let go. Mom bear came out.