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I am 99.1% certain it was not a volcano. But now you’ve got me thinking. There is lava rock in the area

Probably just drunk jesus again. Good thing the resolution isn’t sharp enough to zoom in and see the virgin mary, otherwise this would belong in a completely different sub


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No this is on the 10 about an hour west of Phoenix. Somebody told me it’s probably the steam from the power plant but I’m not certain. But it looked super cool in the middle of a wide open sky with no other clouds. It was like simple science was telling me a story but it took me a minute to figure it out. The inversion layer is pretty sharp this time of year so the vapor hits a “ceiling“ and re-condenses


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You should have only seen it pop up twice currently. I believe it is still in for submission on r/damnthatsinteresting. It’s not like I’m just shit posting it everywhere I can. Deleted on one sub, posted to two others. I just want to figure out how this works and if it’s even worth it

So far the conclusion seems pretty clear