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It can be argued multiple ways. Yes, it absolutely impacts the ability to do harm, but not nearly as much as you'd think. I heard a news outlet report that when a shooter changes magazines they call it the "critical pause", and they say it can last between 10-15 seconds. They also say that this is the time when the shooter can be most easily stopped and so that reload time is vital. I've been shooting for over 40 years and I don't think I've ever seen it take anyone 10 seconds to load a new magazine. More like 2-3 seconds, and that's not even trying to be fast. So while I'm not so hard headed as to think capacity doesn't matter, I'm also smart enough to realize that as fast as reloads are, it wouldn't make that much of a difference. Especially if the shooter practices. I know guys that can reload a mag in the blink of an eye. So whether it held 10 or 30 makes little difference. That's one argument. The other is still the same as drugs: you can outlaw them all you want and criminals will still have them. So then you limit the good Samaritan to 10 rounds while the criminal will still have the high capacity. Except the good Samaritan who carries for self defense probably doesn't have multiple mags.


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I have several ARs, Blackouts, etc. I think it was obvious that I didn't mean what type of grip it has. I meant the world is under the impression that they are machine guns. You're right - hunting rifles are higher caliber, which makes them even deadlier than an AR. Muzzle brakes control recoil better, but make the gun louder, longer and heavier.

But again, for the people in the back, the AR15 is not a machine gun. You don't hold the trigger and bullets come flying out. It uses the same mechanics as a hunting rifle - you get one bullet when you pull the trigger.


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Can you please explain to everyone that an AR15 is not a machine gun and shoots bullets no faster than a hunting rifle? The only difference is the number of bullets each magazine can hold. People have the wrong idea about the AR15. The media has made everyone fear it, when it's still just a semiautomatic rifle - like a hunting rifle. It just looks mean, so people play on that. I have one and it has never killed anyone. The lazy thing won't even clean itself!


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Hell yes, I remember running a band of PKers that were hated on Chesapeake. Now that was a hell of a game. Once you were branded a murderer, you could no longer go into cities, so you had to hunt people to get reagents for casting spells and such. And if you were a hero who had just slayed a mighty foe and got an awesome new weapon, you better get your ass to a city before an evil person found you and took it and everything else you owned.