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Sorry about mobile, I think it may have to do with the question format. Most of the questions are 'grid' style where the same responses are presented for a series of related questions. I can see how this would be difficult to show on mobile. The alternative would have required participants to answer many more individual questions so I erred on the side of keeping the survey as short as possible (which seems to have screwed over mobile users)


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Good question! So far there aren't a ton of responses, but I'm hoping to bring the results with me to the next community meeting, and to eventually work with our city councilperson to help draft policy responses that are responsive to local opinions and needs. The reason I'm interested in this particular issue is that it seems to have a lot of general consensus across different constituencies, but the survey provides better local insight than my anecdotal observations, or national studies.


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Idk man your whole initial post read like one of those dolls where you pull a string and a pre-recorded quip from Fox News/Kremlin/whatever other Jordan Peterson-type shit you’re consuming pops out. Hardly reads as the ‘free thinker’ you’re so quick to congratulate yourself on being. I get the impression that you don’t have much experience in the world.


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That narrative is so tired. Yes it’s bad that Biden didn’t visit East Palestine OH, but it’s also good that he visited Ukraine (the derailment happened 2.5 weeks ago, plenty of time to do both). When you can’t even criticize our current president without spewing Kremlin propaganda it just makes you look bad man.

And it’s just quite literally not comparable to Chernobyl. Next time just say that you don’t know what a half-life is.


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I can’t seem to find it, but saw a chart recently showing that while driving, rail, and flying have all recovered to pre-pandemic levels, intercity bus ridership has shown little recovery. I don’t have a great explanation for why, other than anecdotally some of the routes that used to serve Pittsburgh were canceled and never restored, wouldn’t be surprised if that’s also happened elsewhere.

When I lived in Germany, it was possible to get nearly anywhere in the country using some combination of public transport, even tiny dorfs (villages). I wish we had that same lifeline throughout our Commonwealth.


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A few things:

  • Those tracks (Pennsylvania RR) were built before dynamite had been invented, so blasting through inconveniently-located mountains (as they did for the Turnpike and I-80) wasn’t feasible. Since trains can’t operate on steep grades, this has resulted in rather indirect paths. The mountains decided where the tracks went as much as the planners did.
  • State College didn’t formally exist at the time said tracks were built. State College didn’t have any appreciable population until the 1960s, by which point cars and buses were both widely available and promoted by the government.
  • The tracks that pass through the State College area continue to Williamsport before you can continue south again. The only through route that would make sense there would be Pittsburgh-Scranton, which wouldn’t have much travel demand (though it could continue to NYC). Any route to Philly would most likely have to double-back, adding travel time and operational cost.
  • Cars. We massively subsidize driving throughout the US, so often rail is not competitive on price. As far as I’m aware none of the roads around there have tolls.
  • Buses. It’s much cheaper and less complex to run buses.

I would love to see it happen, but especially connecting to Philly would be challenging unless they laid new track (very difficult given property rights, lack of public support, cost, engineering, etc)


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I unfortunately am in the Pittsburgh media market, where the Post-Gazette is run by a bunch of Trump nuts. It’s a shame, it used to be a great paper. Even if there’s stuff like this buried somewhere in there I just don’t want to support the owners. I would honestly love to be able to subscribe to a short (no more than 10-15 pages per issue), maybe bi-weekly + sunday issue type of physical paper, if there were one reliably covering events that I’m interested around here. Other than Reddit I’m not on social media anymore so I end up not consuming nearly as much news as I used to, and the stories that end up getting my attention tend to be higher quality.