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Strict federal guidelines on rail keep entire countries and economies functioning. The EU would be a mess without good rail. Rail was one of, if not the primary reason that Australia even decided to form a federation in the first place.

The US having a failing railway system is a sign that its infrastructure is that of a second-world nation.


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Sure, but on the other hand I have 14-year olds in my suburb who swerve into oncoming traffic on purpose to try and cause accidents.

Guarantee you they’d be regularly shooting guns in the air/ at moving car tires for entertainment. Because some 14-year olds are sensible, and some are absolute dumbasses. Some freedoms we as a society don’t get to have because too many people are dumbasses who will misuse the right without hesitation, and people will die.


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Never called that an urgent safety concern, so not sure why you’d throw some quotes around that like it’s something I said. It’s also irrelevant how easy you think it is to amend, I wouldn’t buy a car that you immediately need to put work into just to drive it in the rain. It’s a poorly designed car if it’s not fit for purpose.


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I have literally never heard a news story of a single Tesla feature or characteristic being a positive, especially not that it being a Tesla “saved someone from a potentially fatal wreck” until today. Thought I’d try and work out what you weee talking about with a quick search. And I’m a little bit chilled at the story, to be honest. The autopilot turned itself on after a collision? What if the driver had lost consciousness, or had actually managed to navigate through the crash safely? Like you’re saying, autopilot has massive issues with it. I wouldn’t consider it a good thing that the autopilot turns itself on after a collision until autopilot actually works properly.

The features I’ve read about from ratings of the car are that aside from the model 3, the cars aren’t water tight, they’re incorrectly sealed, and the body panels don’t line up correctly, leading to greater risks of water damage and flooding. Car can perform as great as it likes, I’m not driving something that will get damaged by rain. But that’s just the CR, I guess. Anecdotal evidence is better according to the weird replies people are giving.


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I guess ignore the literal breakdown given of the issues in the CR and pretend like people don’t have valid concerns on the car.

I mean. body panels not lining up in a car that already has known water leakage issues? That’s going to compound the issue pretty harshly. The car is regularly not constructed with the correct seals??

If you can’t drive the thing in the rain it’s a sack of shit car, I’m not sure what is so hard to get about that.