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Racial stereotypes were upended during a recent study that involved artificial intelligence. New research from the University of Georgia found that Black bots were considered more competent and more human than white or Asian bots used in the same study. This contrasts with past research on human-to-human interactions.
The full study, which was published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, can be read here.


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A cardiologist at Piedmont Athens Regional Hospital and professor of medicine at the Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership, Dr. Kent Nilsson has become an expert in implanting single chamber, wireless pacemakers. He was called upon again to test the dual chamber version as part of the clinical trial for the Abbott Aveir DR Leadless (wireless) Pacemaker System.
The wireless pacemaker is about 90% smaller than the average pacemaker and the surgery lasts around 30 minutes. The battery life is also comparable with a traditional pacemaker’s 10-12 years and could be longer in some cases. Patients also will not have an incision scar on the chest or a bump protruding from the skin.