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I'm completely convinced in about 10-15 years, all entertainment will be generated on the fly by AI.

Sit down at your playstation 7, put in a text prompt. "Open world 3d game in the style of Dark Souls, Breath of the Wild, but with aliens set in outer space station, influenced by Last of Us, with music in the style of the Ramones." Start playing 10 min later. I bet full length movies happen around the same time frame.


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There will be lots of comments about which careers will grow in the future or be destroyed by AI, so I'll go a different direction here.

Do something you are passionate about, and you will have a good chance of being better than most everyone else doing it (which in my opinon is the best recipe for having a secure future in a career). For example, do you absolutely love cooking? Become a chef. Have you always been into numbers and geek out on spreadsheets? Become an actuary or an accountant. Career fields may shrink or grow in the future, but if you are at the top of the heap in a shrinking career, it's probably going to be better than being miserable at the bottom of the heap of a growing field.

I will also say for perspective that 20 years ago, college instructors were certain that advances in AI and globalization would make software developer a minimum wage job today, which turned out terribly wrong. Source, several family members in computer science 20 years ago.