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Hey there I’m just a patient (not one of the first in Maine) and the legislature is hearing LD 94 today, and it’s a really bad bill for the industry and for the patients. It would make the Cannabis refugee situation worse because it would impose a thirty day residency requirement for children under 18, and ban concentrates from the medical program and limits who can write a recommendation. Please do write to the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee and call your local representative to educate them about why they should oppose LD 94!


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Completely agree and I’m aware that sometimes a Silver alert can be triggered when the person is older or has a disability and they are in danger. I know it was used in this case but it’s still so frustrating because I know that both of them are very much loved by a huge community of people. I have known Angela since I was younger and she can be difficult to understand on the phone. I wish that there’s something that people could volunteer to help find her. Thanks for your reply and sorry if I was a bit harsh but this really sucks and I pray that they are found safe