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I have a 150 acre parcel, mostly woods and some fields. I kept it open for many years because most people were mostly respectful. Last couple of years I've had way too many yahoos leaving beer cans all over, dead deer carcass's (probably poached) and even a giant ugly couch. Now my driveway is gated and locked and I've had to put up no trespassing signs. At some point it's just not worth it. Too many people abusing the land.


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I've had a few really scary spin outs with my F150 where I didn't know how it was going to end. I found that some weight in the back and studded snow tires and still driving very carefully and not getting overconfident is helpful. Also, though it might be obvious, staying off the roads when conditions are dicey, whenever possible.


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It is ridiculous that the Bennington Elementary School has called the police so many times! The school counselors and school based clinician should be much more involved and a school calling the police to handle every discipline problem suggests an incompetent principal!


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If someone wants to move to Northern Maine just because it's cold, that's not a very well thought out plan. How about visiting there first, spend a good amount of time there checking things out before deciding that is where you are going to live?