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True to some extent, but I do think it's low risk that someone will take this post at face value and literally not think before doing stupid things. FWIW I do think the quote is crap and an oversimplification of what it's trying to say.


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Just to say, rumination is well acknowledged by psychologists. Some people just don’t do it, and others spend a huge chunk of their lives ruminating. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think, it just means recognise when it’s of no benefit, and try to eliminate it.


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The idea is to identify when you’re overthinking, and identify when it’s not solving a problem. If you’re thinking about a relatively small mistake you made a few weeks ago, you’re probably overthinking. If you’re deciding what to do with your day or thinking about how to apologise to someone, you’re solving a problem (but there’s a limit before it becomes overthinking or ruminating).