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poshmark, local thrift stores are good places to start and not break the bank.

Brands I look for- Eddie bauer, LLBean, Brooks Brothers (obv if I come across a filson, Woolrich or Pendleton, on the look out be those are more rare).

As others have said, EBAY is another good place for some of this.


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serious question: Where they hell do you find veggies that when you cut are all roughly the same size?


every time I've made this dish, which is awesome, it never "looks" amazing cause of the variance in veg sizes.




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It's is possible... maybe, but all the IP would have to be sold to someone that won't fuck it up... at this point I really don't know who that would be.

In general it's dead to me. New ones come out and I just have no desire to watch them. Honestly, the movies probably aren't that bad and I should give them a try, but I'm just done with the folks involved coming out and shitting on people or virtue signaling in interviews about the content of the movies.

Let the work of art stand on it's own. Let folks draw their own conclusions as to what was meant, let fans discuss and argue of over it. I'm sure there were tons of movies in the 90 and early 2000s that were allegories or satires for something the writers were thinking about, and maybe folks suspected it but they never just flat out said it or attacked the fan base.


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My wife likes Kate Spade, and her stuff has always been good. Bought her a KS wallet almost 15 years ago and it still going strong.

If you want something a little less fasion and little bit better build quality, check out saddleback leather / love 41 (husband designs saddle back leather, wife designs love 41).


They won't win any design award, but having spent more than I care to admit to on SB and L41 products over the years I can tell you they are all absolutely fucking bullet proof.


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companies that have ethical supply chains, let you know.

Those who don't, don't talk about.

E.G. Look at Patagonia, fjallraven or Origin USA. The first two talk about ethical sourcing, and Origin goes into detail to source every thing from the USA (which you would hope means ethically, or at least more ethical than a lot of parts of this world).


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Honestly, I switch to travel pro for all my luggage a number of years ago and couldn't be happier. I have a carry on and a smaller roller over night. I beat the hell out of my bags and they have never let me down nor have I found anything that makes me think the quality just isn't there.


If you want to spend a bit more, I've heard good things about pelican luggage but that does get pricey. Also, if you want truly bullet proof and are willing to sacrifice convivence check out saddleback leather you'll never have to worry about durability with those bags.


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Just moved from Texas to the mountains of Colorado, so not as cold as you are gonna get in WI but close as I live above 9k feet (temps are similar but, don't get the windchill and it's more sunny here)

First thing that comes to mind is a good anorak & Flannel or Wool shirts to deal with the winters.

I just ordered a Anorak for my wife, so was doing a bit a research and the two I would tell you to look at would be:

"Cheaper Option"

Expensive Option

(neither one is "cheap" but you get what you pay for)


I ended up going with the expensive option, mainly because of the breathability of WeatherWool's anorak, my wife and I both run hot so anything that doesn't breath very well is going to limit us to wearing it only when it's very very cold. If you run cold, the boreal would probably be better as the only criticism that I read for that one is that it run hots as that wool isn't as breathable.


Next up is flannel or wool shirts

LL Bean or Eddie Bauer is the easy way to go here. There are better options (Duckworth), but in the beginning you need to be able to buy a couple and can focus on upgrading over the years.

Lastly, the number on thing I will tell you. Is to start looking at more wool products in general (especially if your an outdoors can of family), and the reason for this is that wool retains heating properties when it's wet and you are moving to a very cold and wet environment. There are youtube videos of people putting on the wool anorak's and then jumping into freezing water and getting out and just sitting there and able to stay warm and not get hypothermic.


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check out the youtube channel Rose & anvil.

He cuts apart all the different boot manufactures so you can make sure you are buying quality.

To answer you question, check out:

White's MP line of Boots

Nick's Falcon line of boots.

Those might be close to what you are looking for.