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Taxes are $$$ and there may be an HOA fee. Have a few friends that live up there. Really nice though


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My dad win the Cash 5 in 2007. Hit all five numbers ($70k in winnings). He played a specific set of numbers constantly and one sequence hit.

However, if you add up all the money he has spent playing the lottery over 30 years, he pretty much broke even.


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Expecting all the downvotes cause I am cursing us. I feel like we will get a blizzard in March this year.


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This is 100% true. My cousin is a high-ranking officer in Newark. Makes $150k a year dealing. My parents live in East Hanover, and they are pulling more than that. They are over policed.

Not to mention the piloce officers get the job because they know somebody and not based on qualifications.


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As someone who is following the Kingsland Bridge reconstruction, Kearny Bridge design is due to the Coast Guard. Since the Passaic River is an outlet to the Bay of Newark, they have to approve all crossings up to a certain point. I am not sure what the criteria is.

As an FYI the Kingsland Bridge will be replaced by the end of the decade with a fixed bridge as well (no drawbridge).


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The town is nice as it is your typical suburban town. There are a bunch of playgrounds that were just remodeled. Not to mention you have two county parks and the Meadowlands park.

Safety wise, it is fine, just lock your car doors. Schools are meh from what I heard. You will be in Bergen county so there is an opportunity for your child to attend Bergen Academy (high school) which offers a lot of advanced studies.

Lots of food and shopping options, just note all retail is closed on Sunday (restaurants/grocery open). However, since you are the bottom of Bergen you have Hudson/Passaic counties next to you and they are fully open.


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Keep an open mind and give a listen multiple times. One big thing, ignore genres, they confuse everything. I listen to everything from The Weeknd, to TesseracT, to Madonna, to Combichrist. Some suggestions for you to start you journey:

  • Queen
  • Judas Priest

Both rock, both with gay frontmen


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Go on Firefox and search for the add-on Lightbeam. That will pick up all 3rd-party requests (not just marketing). has 150 3rd party requests, just on the homepage.

Lightbeam does a great graphical representation of the third-party trackers. It also connects the trackers when you visit multiple sites.