van_dachs OP t1_jdnh9fi wrote

I was sceptical of home row mods before. I tried them before but I could not wrap my head around how I ever would be able to use them without accidental triggers. Turned out I had my QMK settings wrong. Once I fixed that it clicked. I'm not entirely sure if this is a layout I will stick with in the long run - but home row shift is a game changer I will definitely continue using.


van_dachs OP t1_jdn9sfm wrote

I was using a 40 for a few months exclusively already. I had this old planck laying around that I wanted to freshen up to use as my office keyboard. That lead me down a rabbit hole of experimenting with different layouts and this is what I ended up with. A split 36 key layout. I even managed to fit practical gaming layers to play FPS games with. Well, onto daily driving this thing until it either drives me insane or wrecks normal keyboards for me forever.

Drop planck acryllic, running Vial, Domikey WoB, Boba U4s.