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Thinking back, this was SUCH a get for the Austin powers production team. That movie in particular was basically "invite everyone who will pick up the phone to come do a 10 minute cameo" and they all showed up


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I'm glad you've read the book, and you're waking up to the coup taking place. There's a reason all credible scholars of the period have been ringing alarm bells warning about trump since 2016.

The only thing I'd argue with is that antifa is not an organization. It's a movement or an idea. It is a portmanteau of anti-fascism, or the ideology of being against fascism, the ideology of a central dictator governing autocratically by suppressing opposition and belief in a hierarchy of races.

There is no current Proud Boys equivalent on the left of the political spectrum.


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It's data about how you're using the device. Data that, without your input, would not have been generated.

Based on that definition, it is personal data.

If I held a paintbrush in front of a rotating canvas I bought, the final product would be my intellectual property, because without my input said product wouldn't have existed. The company that made the canvas, the rotating device, or the brush are not entitled to that final product in any way.

The final product in this metaphor would be my facial expressions and eye movements.