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I dont have any issue with you putting it in this forum. I was more just letting you know that you wont really be buying them for life. But many people dont wear boots 200+ days a year so if you don't then you'll obviously get more life out of them.

That said, I still use my first pair for yard work around the house so technically I still have them. When my current pair wears out, Ill likely buy another.


vanmichel t1_jcfw5bx wrote

I wear them five days a week as a military member and have since 2015. They run true to size/slightly larger. E.g. I wear a 12. I typically wear a 12 in every other shoe but sometimes wear a 12.5.

But, I wouldn't call them BIFL. The soles won't hold up as long as heavier duty boots. The soles are what make them so comfortable and light but it comes at the cost of longevity. Im on my second pair now but I do love them and especially for the price.