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You asked “can someone explain to me why they need this specific building” and I answered.

You asked about other buildings which are also covered in the plans (brick city remains).

You asked about the benefit of the daylight project…. Also covered in the proposal and approved plans.

Care to clarify what it is you are asking?


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I live on Walnut and we love it. It is close enough to walk to the things we enjoy downtown.

We bought way more house for the money than we could get elsewhere with a big lot. The house is an early 1900s house with tons of character that was lovingly remodeled.

There is a lot of pedestrian traffic. We had a porch pirate problem so we built a picket fence and that has resolved that.

There are pockets that are way worse. But as previously mentioned the Grant Avenue parkway is going to be a big deal.

There is a house near me that needs to be torn town and I’ve been a part of that process. It is moving forward for demo soon* and I am hopeful about it.


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This would make sense (to explain the delay) if while sitting there there were tons of orders going out ahead of mine. It's usually just one or maybe two folks ahead of me when I go.

It's not going to stop me from going and I might start ordering ahead. My lunch destination though is often made at a whim while on the road. :)