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I agree, but is it such a bad thing if competing looks like building better computers? Just like national laboratories, a lot of things they do are justified by defense but ultimately have huge positive externalities for related fields. Plenty of industrial and infrastructure investments are justified for defense but are really more useful for other things.


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I hope you understand you are making a claim, in saying that california is different from national statistics. In any scenario this article says it’s 3% according to the california association of realtors:


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Feel free to find data for San Diego specifically. This weird myth that foreign buyers are influencing prices has been disproven by research in both Australia and Canada, I doubt it’s different here. Prices are bad because there’s undersupply and domestic investment groups capitalizing on that.


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It’s just a very old shorthand term in American politics for an official who coordinates policy on a certain issue. This can be seen in how the word is the archaic spelling of tsar instead of the new one.


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Your examples are regions covered pretty completely with substantial population (and therefore have electrical infrastructure throughout) implementing electrification in the small minority of areas that are remote for interoperability reasons. This is different than places like the Americas and sub-Saharan Africa where some main lines cross up to thousands of miles of mostly inadequate electrical-services areas. You basically have to build and service infrastructure exclusively for the trains in those cases.

Electrification can still be a goal in these places, but it’s not unreasonable for them to pursue hydrogen or even retain diesel while working on high-volume freight shuttle/passenger electrification. Please don’t do the thing everyone else does and assume I’m arguing against electrification - I’m just saying it’s not going to happen anytime soon in a lot of places for real reasons.