vasylyna t1_j8fhz05 wrote

It is brave. Ukrainians stood unarmed before Russians tanks and it changed nothing because they do not see us as equals. Our suffering means nothing to them even more they enjoy this opportunity to punish us. Thank you for telling where are you from but it was obvious that you never experienced situation where the choice is fight or die.

English not my first language and it’s pretty tiresome to make a point to someone who thinks they know better. Have a nice life and enjoy Russian propaganda


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Well… what can I say, continue to live in the world portrayed by Russian propaganda and enjoy your privileged life. Apparently Sovereign country shouldn’t defend itself against invasion and genocide. You do know that Ukraine never was a threat and before 2014 had good for nothing military. What happened in 2014?🤔


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You know what Ukrainians (common people and celebrities) did for months after February 24? We asked we begged we pleaded Russians to stop this to go against their government to sabotage this cruelty. What Russians did? Millions fled the country and stay silent abroad, millions laughed at deaths of civilians, hundreds of thousands came in Ukraine to kill, rape and still. War will end when this empire destroys itself like many other before it. You believes are naїve - you cannot protect yourself and loved ones simply by diplomacy. How you can create this “change in mind” in Russians? For the past 30 years they invaded 5 nations and only gained from it. They should be thought a lesson. Unfortunately, the best women and man of my people paying the ultimate price for it


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Peace surely will come if all Ukrainians are killed. That’s what you state. Because Russia will not stop and if they defeat us they will come for you. And I didn’t state that Ukraine is perfect. We have issues a lot AND we have bloodthirsty neighbour that prevent us from progress. You can not improve if you only have time to barely survive. This is my last point because I see you have no idea what is going on and just try to be “not like other”


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Gay people oppressed all over the world, not only in Ukraine. Ukraine is at war with Russians that took over Donetsk and Luhansk regions. When Russia leaves there will be no more rockets, very simple. How can you call Russians soldiers? They are criminals. They are invaders. Ukrainian people have nowhere to go to escape this evil. Russians can stop this here and now by just go home. But they won’t, because they feel entitled to choose how other nations should live