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If your dad is 80 and doesn’t understand what the confederate flag represents why did he hang it up? Sounds like he caught flack from the post and removed it.


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You realize that housing first initiatives are one of the most successful methods of reducing homelessness that has been tried, right? People are significantly less likely to do drugs when provided with housing. There is actual data for this.

“Research shows that once a person has been stabilized in housing, they are much more successful in addressing the issues that caused them to become homeless in the first place.

In fact, given an adequate supply of affordable housing and appropriate support, research has shown that more than 90% of those who experience homelessness each year ultimately achieve self-sufficiency and never become homeless again.”

“Housing First programs also lead to reduced hospitalization and use of emergency health departments by people experiencing homelessness. A 2021 study found that Housing First programs decreased homelessness by 88% and improved housing stability by 41%, compared to Treatment First programs.”


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Sounds like you’ve never been homeless or talked to a homeless person. You’re assuming all homeless people are either on drugs or have mental health issues, which isn’t the case. And even if it were, throwing them in jail would do absolutely nothing except make it harder for them to find employment in the future. They’ve tried it in multiple places, and has never done anything to reduce homelessness. It basically just reinforces homeless and traps people in a cycle of poverty, mental health problems, or possibly further addiction. What you’re suggesting isn’t about solving the problem, it’s about punishing homeless people for simply not having a home.

Homeless people are members of society just like people who have homes. Look at the price of homes or apartments compared to the minimum wage, and tell me everyone that can’t afford a place to stay is just a drug addict.


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“Perez has gained a reputation in law enforcement and in the city for compassion and discipline.”

The article doesn’t say how or how he gained that reputation. I also don’t see how his experience as a boxer has anything to do with being a police chief (other than maybe the 40% statistic). This is just blatant copaganda running an ad for a cop.