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That whole Baba Yaga thing in John Wick is just dumb writing.

It's like describing Santa Claus as a guy who breaks into your house and steals your milk and cookies.

The myths and stories around Baba Yaga are a lot more complex than "Russian boogyman."


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There was one in Columbus Ohio. The idea was that people who don't drink don't really want to hang out with drunks.

Except this one was run by right-wing extremists.

It might shock you, but the cross-section of sober right-wing extremists in a fairly liberal Midwest college town was surprisingly not sufficient to support their business.


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This will not change until federal laws address it.

The Graham v. Connor and Tennessee v. Garner Supreme Court decisions mean that this is a license to murder:

"I am claiming now, that at the time of the shooting I believed the person I shot was likely to cause serious harm to someone else somewhere at some time."

Cops don't get much training, but they're told ALL about these two decisions and how to frame things properly.

And those decisions aren't going to be challenged.

The only way this changes is a new federal law.

Good fucking luck.

Police can outright murder you and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.


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By "we all helped to make" the comment you replied to is talking about the larger context that goes beyond the simple irony of a movie and discusses the tragic irony of the current regulatory state of this sector of the transportation industry.

It is similar to the literary device of motif, where a recurring theme or element is present that helps to explore themes.

Perhaps you could pay closer attention to context clues. It might help you relate to your world and others in it more positively. Speech and language therapy often is beneficial to those with ASD.

edit: and u/ghloperr, you're more committed to your ignorance than I thought. But hey, do what feels good.


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We all helped to make.

We allowed corporate capture of any regulatory functions of railroads, letting the industry self-regulate and dictate legislation, and we haven't repealed Taft Hartley. We allow our political leaders to strongarm rail workers because they're still in the pockets of the robber barons. We bail out troubled companies, and put the burden of losses on the taxpayers if there's a spill.

It's another example of American progress: socialize the risks, privatize the profits.

This isn't a surprise. The book that movie was based on was written in 1985.


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> but mainly go for females but like dominate females.

Ok, so. This is the only real fuck up here.

They're women, and some of them are dominant.

If you ever want to get within 1,000 feet of one, you'll need to internalize all that and more, and learn the difference between "dominate" and "dominant."

Also, stop being so concerned about who your parents fuck. Aside from the HUGE overlap between ENM and kink, that's just... really weird.


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>If my baby does “suck down” large amounts of the same baby food every day, should we be worried or not?

This is medical advice from reddit, so... um... ...yeah:

Variety is important, from a nutritional standpoint and from a risk standpoint. Going with one brand and one ingredient and one lot number every day means that you're multiplying all the deficiencies and excesses.

Tuna can have fairly high levels of mercury, but even at 1ppm (the concentrations in the OP's report are a thousand times lower) we excrete the metals in a full serving of mercury-tainted fish in under a week. Most adult humans can metabolize/excrete more than 0.021 milligrams of mercury a day.

Maybe don't feed your child on a steady diet of only Gerber Pureed Tuna.

As for biomagnification, we're extremely complicated machines. Even with similar doses and routes of exposure, metabolism, excretion, and any negative effects are dependent on levels of things like glutathione or peroxidase, some of which are triggered by the presence and action of heavy metals themselves. It's not chemical in, chemical stays, like the diagrams in textbooks.


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>Any amount can cause health problems

Simply not the case.

Even in your OP, the post says "significant" instead of "detectable." You're abusing language to sensationalize the issues, and losing credibility with anyone who has any background in environmental toxicology, which would include the people at the agencies you're expecting to do something.


>The more you eat of a given food, the more metals from that food build up in your system.

This is a high-school level of understanding of biomagnification. It doesn't work like that.


There is a story here, as there are some baby foods tested that had heavy metal limits above what the EPA has set for drinking water. That's not a health crisis, as no baby is sucking down liters of the same baby food every day, but it is something that should get more attention.

But stop.

This is why scientists hate journalists.

Stop sensationalizing it. Stop overselling your findings.

You sent some samples to a lab. You got results.

You can pander to your readers and maybe even some legislators, but you'll get ridiculed and ignored by the regulators and industry.

But you're more about page clicks than public health anyway...