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Oncologist here. This is a phase 1 trial, it can’t assess efficacy, there is no comparator here. Phase 1 trial exist to asses optimal dosage and safety, side effects, etc. Before it reaches a phase 3 trial (where it would be compared against another established therapy), it needs more testing. It’s too early to even know if it works and even it’s side effects, but it looks like something that should be further studied.


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Pancreatic cancer death rates are practically unchanged in the last 20 years… it’s probable one of the hardest cancers to treat, aggressive and with an overall survival rate of 5% at 5 years. If you look at other cancers you will see the outlook is way better now, not pancreas. Anyway I hope this goes into clinical trials soon, but the fact remains that we have tried a lot in pancreatic cancer without a lot of luck.