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> computer (n.)

> 1640s, "one who calculates, a reckoner, one whose occupation is to make arithmetical calculations," agent noun from compute (v.).

> Meaning "calculating machine" (of any type) is from 1897; in modern use, "programmable digital electronic device for performing mathematical or logical operations," 1945 under this name (the thing itself was described by 1937 in a theoretical sense as Turing machine). ENIAC (1946) usually is considered the first.

> Computer literacy is recorded from 1970; an attempt to establish computerate (adjective, on model of literate) in this sense in the early 1980s didn't catch on. Computerese "the jargon of programmers" is from 1960, as are computerize and computerization.

>>WASHINGTON (AP) — A New York Congressman says the use of computers to record personal data on individuals, such as their credit background, "is just frightening to me." [news article, March 17, 1968]

> Earlier words for "one who calculates" include computator (c. 1600), from Latin computator; computist (late 14c.) "one skilled in calendrical or chronological reckoning."


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> This was proven with WhatsApp not too long ago and Signal also has the ability to attach users.

That maybe true for Whatsapp but Signal has worked hard to tackle that.

Adding users to groups is not possible unless they are already in your contacts in the first place, as Signal pull contacts from your local contacts. But they never share the number, and only if other people have that same number already in their contacts will it be show to both parties.


> Default settings in Telegram aren’t encrypted, same with Signal

That is plain wrong. Telegram does not encrypt by default and not at all in channels. Signal ALWAYS encrypts for one to one and for group chats.

I am not going to go through picking apart all you said, suffice to say not all of it is accurate.


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ISO is short for ISO 9660 which is the CD image spec. It just means burning a CD image to a USB device to boot off.

Essentially, you can boot PCs off removable media, and typically that is some sort of USB device with an alternative OS on it. You might have in your time booted off a physical CD as a recovery option. Because physical media has ceases to become popular, USB sticks have replaced them, but the mechanism is the same,


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Depending on how much freedom you have to make your own choices, you could just pick any printer and Raspberry Pi/Alt SBC as a host, then configure is for people to send jobs either by Bluetooth, Wifi or email.

Alternatively, if you are less concerned about giving up your data to the cloud, you can use something like Printnode and a Kiosk to do much of the same things.