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It can, and perhaps will, or has. Life can sometimes spontaneously come into being out of a variety of non-living inorganic materials, such as water and other chemicals on the periodic chart, mixed at just the right temperature and ratios, with some electrical charges to jump start the reaction. It's pretty amazing when it happens and the examples I've seen are rather astounding and hard to believe. And the experiments conducted have proved how amazing this phenomenon is.


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I weirdly prefer paperbacks often because of that. Something about the ol' floppy paperback, I tell ya. I prefer buying old used paperbacks too and reading them as opposed to new ones. The old ones have that patina, the look and smell of history, they've seen stuff, been around, have nicely yellowed and/or discolored pages, a rip or tear, a crease, maybe some writing, or a tiny cookie crumb particle fallen into the book that has left a small discolored smooshed grease spot and merged with the page and has become one with the paper, you know, things like that, give the paperback character and personality.


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That reminds me, I gotta check that out. Far out, man. Wonder if it's as cool as the Dude getting his Torino back. What would be really cool are some Big Lebowski bots, you know, like Walter, Donny, The Dude, all chatting to each other, and throw in some Jesus too, you know, for some spice. Jesus is the spice of life, or something like that.


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