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Ya you are right. But considering the complexity of a film, it would take a long time for an ai to nail it at the first attempt. Also giving complete autonomy will make it tasteless and heavily inspired. People should be the ones still feeding the story. Ai can only cook up stuff with patterns generated and existing data which works wonders in other areas. But for a field which demands creativity. I don't think so.


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I hardly believe that's gonna be possible. Back in the days becoming someone in the industry demanded a lot of hardwork and luck. Touching a camera wasn't an easy thing. Today anyone with an iPhone can create a short film or movie. So its impossible to keep the technology reserved for certain people.


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It will be cool to have a platform like tiktok which suggests trailers of different movies to users. As only the decent ones will go viral, it will be easy for the audience to choose a movie to watch. Else having such a huge option will become overwhelming for the audience. Also if 100k movies are made 90k would be just trash. So platforms like that will help to filter out those.