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Funny you claim that, because an eyewitness who was there, a man named in a news article, witnessed her death and said there are things we can do to prevent this from happening-“stop signs, speed limits, watch out for kids”. Sure sounds like someone was speeding and so distracted and or careless so as not to slow down at a bus stop where 3-6 children were waiting. The article also states she was going to cross the road to the bus, so it’s pretty safe to assume the bus was stopped and the driver of the car that hit her did not stop.


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Nah buddy I’ve been putting kids on the school bus since 2015 and I can tell you that I live on a 40 mph road, but right across the street from a t in the road that causes most cars to have to stop at my driveway and wait for those turning left off my road or those turning out into it and people legit still fly by at 60 mph ESPECIALLY in the mornings. The bus slows and puts its lights on and then the stop sign comes out and the we wait for the stick on the front of it to fully extend. ANDDDD we are standing right there about to cross the road.

And douchebags speed by. It isn’t the fault of the bus.


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Yep this is just an anonymous racist saying something that probably never even happened or happened like one time and they’re way over exaggerating and assuming some or most SNAP recipients are some type of person they deem undeserving. Just bigotry, racism, classicism, and they do it anonymously because they know it’s all it is. #keyboardracist


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I live in front of a sprawling farm field so large I can’t even see their house from my backyard.

Meanwhile, out front, I can barely pull out of my driveway at different points each day, especially making a left hand turn, because of the traffic. It’s like I live in farm country out back and bustling mega suburb out front.


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I really honestly miss Kmart so bad. My kids and I literally cried when the last one near us closed. I grew up shopping there and they remembered going there a lot when their dad/my husband and my parents were all still alive. Then my husband died. Then my dad. Then my mom. Then we’d go to Kmart and be like “wish dad or etc were here”. Then they closed and one more memory gone.


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Just look up Joseph James DAngelo. He was the Visalia ransacker, east area rapist, original night stalker and the golden state killer. He was basically the first major case solved through genetic genealogy and there was a lot of talk they’d be able to crack zodiac the same way when this came about but alas. That case is another can of worms


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The whole advent of genealogical dna is amazing. I followed the ERA/ONS/GSK case for decades. The fact they were able to finally solve that, and would’ve only solved it using genealogical dna, still amazes me. And once they started doing stuff like identifying septic tank Sam etc I was just like “they’re gonna solve almost everything now”.