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If you can see someone, see someone. The thing is that depression is kind of like having a cold or the flu. Sometimes it's not so bad, you can muddle through for a bit and do home remedies like working out or meditation until you feel better. But sometimes it IS bad, and you cant stop coughing for weeks or it turns in to pneumonia and you need to see a doctor, or you can die from it.

Depression is not a state - it's a spectrum and a lot of people forget that there's no shame in treating it early before it gets worse, or just seeing a doctor to make sure its a mild sort. But stuff like "oh just exercise" is maybe helpful or not, in the same way that "just get some rest and eat chicken noodle soup" is helpful, but doesnt necessarily fix a bad case of the flu. And it sounds like you could use a person to talk this out with in terms of WHY youre so miserable and if you're truly still interested in your future goals and plans and whether you're in a bit of a sea change where your body already knows its not doing the right thing and your mind hasn't caught up yet.

Im sending you energy and strength and a complete lack of shame - its really really normal to deal with what youre dealing with right now


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Ill die on the Guzman hill. I was really against his casting at first, and I thought Zeta Jones would be fantastic. But she fell really flat and uninteresting where as I thought Guzman brought a new and different, and more indepth take to Gomez, who let's be real, hasn't always been played as a real three dimensional character and not just a zany goth horndog lol


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So I'm a pretty together person - I bought a house by myself, I have a good job, I exercise every day, I eat well.

To answer your question, its called mental illness. My anxiety and need for control means I HAVE to be in control of everything all the time. I exercise because I struggle with eating disorders and I will have a panic attack and feel awful if I don't. I "eat well" on the outside but in reality I have to work weekly with a nutritionist to re-learn how to eat in a mentally healthy way. Im super stable, but it's because I rarely challenge myself or do things I'm scared of- I'm lean towards stagnant.

I feel like people who feel badly about themselves really miss how often other people's lives look great when they aren't, or don't see how barely they are holding it together or how unhealthy their motivations are.

There is no such thing as being behind in life. There's just where you are. Do therapy.