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I understand wanting to tip 20% as i also do this.... however if i did all that stuff for my wife and she was more interested in the waiter or waitresses tip than anything else id bee upset w her too. I get it that u should tip well, i agree that u should. But he was trying to show u a good night and celebrate you and u were hung up on money.


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Forgiving her will tell her its ok for her to do so again bc u wont have the nerve to do anything about it. She made her choice when she cheated... u deserve better

Do u want to live forever worrying about who shes around and working with?


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That wasnt a lie... he IS attracted to you as a curvy woman. A person can be attracted to many things about a woman... he may not have a "type" as i dont myself. Ive dated many different women and all i thought were beautiful although if u had them stand in a line shoulder to shoulder youd be amazed at the variations. Bottom line is if he is attracted to you, which id assume he was bc u guys are together, then why does it bother u? Hes with u.... chose u. U may not be the same body type that he watches on porn (hell most people are not that body type) but he obviously has chose u.


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First off my wife is a curvy large busted woman... i 110% love her and find her beautiful.... men look at "porn" of every type. I personally love gothic women, tattoos etc.... my wife is not like that at all... i also find oriental women beautiful but none of that would ever change the fact that i love and desire my wife....

Is there not a celebrity or musician that u find attractive that is opposite of your man? Its no different...