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You’re getting downvoted but I agree, this perspective is trash and not healthy emotionally. I hate the notion of “being strong” all the fucking time, it’s okay to be down and we shouldn’t normalize or glorify carrying on like things are okay when they’re not.

“the man worth while” so everyone not smiling through the pain isn’t worth while? lmao okay


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Having hallucinations intentionally induced by taking psychedelics is not the same thing as experiencing disassociation as a result of anxiety and depression. At all.

Edit: Psychedelics have actually been studied for decades as a treatment for anxiety/depression. One could argue that they actually do the opposite of induce disassociation, they make you feel more connected to your surroundings and self.


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When I was in 5th grade I was obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes and had every book.

In one comic, Calvin avoided taking a test by writing, quote, “I cannot answer these questions due to my religious beliefs.” So obviously I went to school the following day and wrote the same on a test because I thought it was funny and wanted to be like Calvin. Teacher met with my Mom to figure out what was going on and was informed my family has literally never been religious, ever. Lmao



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the illustration style, using comic sans, and the quality of the image itself. also the fact that the added text bubbles don’t add anything to the sentiment of the original quote

Edit: lmao apparently nobody here understands that sub. this meme screams boomer but okay