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Ct ain't the best for business, but it makes up for it in several ways. I don't think we should become slaves that bow to the wishes of corporations. And a lot of those mention that it's headquarters that are leaving, which isn't a lot of jobs. Manufacturing jobs don't appear to be leaving from what your articles are saying. And there's lots of growth in small businesses in the state. If we want to thrive we be trying to bring in green tech businesses (cause they are booming), and other high education jobs, which offer high wages.

But corporate headquarters, not overly concerned since a lot of them like to go to nyc, but live in ct.


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Watch the clip, he bought millions of dollars of debt for couple hundred thousand. And honestly I don't mind tax dollars doing that for low and middle income people. Money only ever goes up, and this debt relief will help millions of households and even allow people to start businesses if they wish.


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Reply to Egg prices by tiredmom07

Ngl I'm kinda surprised egg prices are so high. There's like 4 people I know who have their own chicken coups and I see several in the side of the road all the time selling eggs dirt cheap.